In an article published in the NY Times, a company has found a method to analyze a person’s habits, livingconditions and other factors as a way to predict which patients are at risk of medication non-adherence. The message is clear and strong: medication non-adherence is a public health problem and we must find ways to identify and help those who are prone to mis-manage their medications.

Skipping or forgetting doses, taking pills at the wrong time a just a few of the contributors of the 125,000 patients deaths related to medication non-compliance in this country.

The data cites 80 plus year olds as a group most likely to fall into the non-adherence category; likely because of the number of medications they need to manage.

Something as simple as a monitored medication dispenser and optional reminder service can greatly decrease the incidents of non-compliance.

So, if you have a family member who needs timely medications and might have a problem managing them, think about something like RxAlert which will dispense at the right time, remind when the time to take them medicine is at hand and that will also alert other family members if there is an incident of non-compliance.