RxAlert - The Right Dose At The Right Time

Medication Mis-Management is the leading cause of hospital admission and over 23% of nursing home admissions.


If you or a family member are one of the many millions who require regular medication and can use a helpful reminder to make sure it is taken on time, then RxAlert solutions can help.

How RxAlert Works

Any RxAlert solution is easy to set up. Simply plug it in. We establish a personal (and secure) web account. Your web account will be pre-activated and all you need to do is add your medications, doses and times you need to take them. This creates a blueprint for your family member or pharmacist for filling the trays. From there, RxAlert does all of the work. No missed doses, no meds taken at the incorrect time. The tray is easily inserted and the unit locks to avoid tampering or erroneous dosage.

RxAlert operates on standard household current and is equipped with a back up battery that will operate for about 12hrs after loss of power.

RxAlert is equipped with cellular technology used to communicate with our servers. Like a cell phone, RxAlert requires cell coverage in the area where you are using the unit.

Medication Adherence Statistics

From the time a medication is prescribed by a doctor an interesting pattern develops regarding adherence.

100% receive their prescription

How many do you think actually go to the their pharmacy? (50-70%)

How many actually leave the pharmacy with the prescription (48-66%)

How many take their medication properly – only 25-30%!!!

How many are refilled as prescribed? (15-20%)

This pattern makes medication adherence the number one cause of hospital admissions and over 23% of nursing home admissions!

In a recent poll of U.S. individuals 65 years old and older who use medications, researchers found that

  • 51% take at least five different prescription drugs regularly,
  • 25% take between 10 and 19 pills each day
  • 57% of those polled admit that they forget to take their medications.


  • 50% of patients do NOT take their medications correctly. Most are confused about the instructions.

Proper medication management can be provided to avoid ALL of this though technology and professional oversight.

  • 100% – patients receiving their prescription
  • 50-70% – patients going into pharmacy to fill a prescription
  • 48-66% – patients come out of the pharmacy with their prescription
  • 25-30% – patients taking their prescription properly
  • 15-20% – patients refill their prescriptions as prescribed