MultiAlert - Advanced Medical Emergency Alert System MultiAlert and RxAlert Nurse Help Line

Living Independently Doesn\’t Mean You Need To Be Alone

MultiAlert with RnAlert combines an emergency alert capability with an option to also have access to expert medical advice any time you need it. When you have an emergency pushing the HELP button connects you to our response center any time you need it. You will be connected with our EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) trained responder who can speak to you over your MultiAlert console to determine your need and get you the appropriate help. It doesn’t have to be a fall or a medical emergency. If you wish access to expert medical advice utilizing our 24/7 nurse help line, you can press the specially programmed nurse call button and be connected to our nurse call service.

Announcing a BREAKTHROUGH in Medical Emergency Alert Systems

We are very proud to offer our MultiAlert Solution. But we are asked over and over by our customers and their families: “What if we can\’t press the button for some reason?

We realize that a fall can cause disorientation, dizziness or unconsciousness. Then what? Finally, we have the answer. Click here to find out about our ground-breaking safety enhancement.

No Home Phone Line?

More and more of us are looking for ways to cut our expenses. Many of us no longer have standard telephone lines and are only using cellular phone service. AlwaysConnected has a solution for you. Just because you do not have a standard telephone line doesn\’t mean you shouldn\’t have peace of mind! Introducing our cellular adaptor for MultiAlert. This simple-to use adaptor connects directly to your MultiAlert and you\’ll be communicating with our response center without the need for a landline or cable telephone service. Click here to find out more about our cellular adaptor.

Emergency Response

When an emergency occurs we understand that you or a loved one needs help immediately. With MultiAlert all you need to do is push the red button and a Emergency Care Specialist at our monitoring center will begin a two way  conversation with you. From the moment the signal is received your response team is called into action.

  • Your personal profile is available for the Emergency Care Specialist
  • Our EMT trained responders know who you are, where you live and have your shared medical info on hand
  • We will promptly dispatch local emergency services to your location if needed
  • We will attempt to contact and inform your contact list

Expert Medical Advice

You have been experiencing a numbness in your fingers or some other symptom for a day now and you’re not sure what is going on. A push of the MultiAlert button can get you connected with a registered nurse who can go over your symptoms and possibly save you a trip the the Emergency Room as well as the expense of the visit. Just tell our responder you need to speak to the nurse and they\’ll have a call back within minutes! We have all told our children “an ounce of  prevention is worth a pound of cure”. With the press of a button,you have access to our family of R.N.’s and Specialists who will address all of your Medical questions. Your ounce of prevention is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. RnAlert provides you and your loved ones knowledgeable, prompt medical assessment, when you need it, as often as you need it. Our nurse advice call center partners with over 30 hospitals and more than 1,000 physicians to provide you access to unmatched healthcare information. This partnership is unique in the industry today, and offers you and your loved ones quick access to the appropriate level of care.