A fully mobile medical alert system to provide peace of mind wherever you are!

eResponder - Free to Roam

eResponder The #1 Completely Mobile Alert Pendant

Our eResponder is a true mobile alert system. Based on cellular technology, wearers of this small pendant can have access to emergency help regardless of their location. Simply wear this lightweight pendant and you’re in control. Help when you need it with a push of a button.

  • Completely wireless. No phone lines to worry about
  • Talk directly to the pendant. No need for a “base station.”
  • Smallest lightest unit on the market today
  • Two-month battery life – longest-lasting of ANY unit. When it’s time to re-charge, we’ll call you to remind you!
  • Water resistant
  • U-TDOA locator in case you’re lost.
  • In areas where there is no T-Mobile service, eResponder will contact local 911 services

Best of all, it’s very affordable. A one-time purchase fee for the pendant ($229) and only $35 (month-to-month) or $30 per month (semi-annually). No other charges and NO LENGTHY CONTRACTS. You don’t have to worry about a base unit. It is a self contained communicator which access our response team 24/7 from anywhere there is cell service – indoors or outdoors. The self-contained unit eliminates the need to fumble for a cell phone, find the right button to push and then go through the time delays of identifying and locating. When you push the pendant, you speak to it just like a phone. The person on the other end already knows who you are and where you are as well. All of this adds up to massive time savings which can be the difference between a good outcome or something worse. With eResponder you’re always in range, always secure, AlwaysConnected!

Notify your Circle of Know

When you activate your unit, it doesn’t mean you will be seeing an ambulance! When you speak to our specially trained responders, just tell them of your need: call a family member, neighbor or just to check to see that your unit is working.

Battery Life

The typical life of the single charge is about 2 months. When your battery runs low, you will receive a call from our friendly staff to remind you to re-charge your unit.What’s even better is the Circle Of Know you set up (friends, family, caregivers) will also be informed by a text or email as well! So everyone who should know, WILL know.

How does the GPS work?

Your FTR Pendant is equipped with a built-in  locator. If you activate your pendant and you are not sure of your location, our responders will connect to the 911 service which can pinpoint your location and send a responder to you.  Your Circle Of Know (whomever you have set as contacts) will be alerted by their preferred method (email or text) letting them know you’ve activated.

What Kind Of Coverage DOES eResponder Have?

eResponder operates on the T-Mobile Network. Even though we cannot predict where you will be, you can use this coverage map to enter places you most often visit. Make sure you use the 2G Network for your inquiries.

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