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A fully mobile medical alert system to provide peace of mind wherever you are with family tracking capability.


eCare+Voice mPERS plus GPS

eCare+Voice mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS) with GPS enables seniors and individuals with special needs to live independently and call for help anytime, anywhere in the US where there is T-Mobile 2G cellular coverage.

An emergency SOS button quickly connects the user with emergency care specialists who can locate the user, dispatch local EMS, and relay user-provided information to first responders.

  • Works up to 4 days on a single charge
  • Small, lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Two-way voice through the device
  • No base station needed
  • Single button connects the user with the call center
  • Works at home and away from home
  • Can be located via GPS and cellular triangulation
  • Caregivers can locate the eCare+Voice user online with free mobile apps or by sending a text
  • In areas where there is no T-Mobile service, eCare+Voice will contact local 911 services

Best of all, it’s very affordable. A one-time purchase fee for the pendant ($249) and only $39.95 (month-to-month) or $35 per month (semi-annually). For monthly service there’s a $10 account setup fee; waived for all other plans. No other charges and NO LENGTHY CONTRACTS no cancellation fees. You don’t have to worry about a base unit. It is a self contained communicator which access our response team 24/7 from anywhere there is cell service – indoors or outdoors. The self-contained unit eliminates the need to fumble for a cell phone, find the right button to push and then go through the time delays of identifying and locating. When you push the pendant, you speak to it just like a phone. The person on the other end already knows who you are and where you are as well. All of this adds up to massive time savings which can be the difference between a good outcome or something worse. With eCare+Voice you’re always in range, always secure, AlwaysConnected!

Notify your Circle of Know

When you activate your unit, it doesn’t mean you will be seeing an ambulance! When you speak to our specially trained responders, just tell them of your need: call a family member, neighbor or just to check to see that your unit is working.

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