Help I’ve Fallen And…

alarm_pendantWarning! This blog post is presented with the greatest respect to caregivers and families. We need to talk about the button which is used to summon help through a PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) or medical alarm device.

I am sure that you know the rest of that catchphrase. But the actual scenario sometimes is “HELP! I’ve fallen and I can’t push the button!” Caregivers need to address that very important, but perhaps not so obvious, aspect of these ’emergency medical alarm’ devices. The button is an ingenious invention that is, unfortunately, barely a 25% solution.¬† The fact is, 50% of people who own these devices do not wear the pendant. Of those who wear them, only 50% actually use them. Why? When a fall occurs, it incapacitates a person in some way. They may be in shock or they may be unconscious, or they may not be wearing the device at all!

Those who are in shock are not thinking about the pendent, only about survival. And if a person is on the floor unconscious, there is simply no way for them to seek help.