At AlwaysConnected Solutions, we understand the value of the “connected life.”

We specialize in technology solutions in the following area:

  • Home Safety and automation: our solutions make sure you’re connected to your loved ones, family members and your home. We take the complication out of managing the minutiae such as energy management (thermostat controls), lighting and lock control, video monitoring, automated medication management and personal emergency systems which are the real challenges for those who are aging in place.

We don’t sell products, we offer solutions whether it’s a technology aid or an education program. If you have a need, we try to find a solution to meet that need.

Meet Our Team


Jay Wasack, President

Jay attended undergraduate studies at Pace University in New York City majoring in business management and computer information sciences. He has held key leadership roles in product development, business management and senior corporate management in the technology sector. Jay’s blended experience in corporate technology and entrepreneurship led him to found AlwaysConnected Solutions where his “can do” philosophy will result in the company’s quest to provide solutions that bring profound value to its customers.