NEVER miss a resident fall again

Have the most effective fall detection and health monitoring system available.

When undetected falls occur:

  • Response is delayed.
  • Injury can occur.
  • It can potentially mean thousands in lost revenue for your facility.
Senior woman with a headache after falling down at home

Embrace™ is the first contact-free
fall detection solution for senior care communities

It used to be a struggle to monitor residents without the loss of privacy. With Embrace your residents are provided with 24/7 monitoring without cameras, wearables, or buttons and you will get instant alerts.


Never Miss A Fall


Preemptive Care Insights


Longer Stays

In-the-room insight
without loss of privacy

Simply place the intelligent sensor on the wall and it will automatically detect falls, summon help if needed and collect rich activity data.

No wearables, cameras, or privacy concerns.

Advanced health analytics that monitor:

  • Frequent restroom visits
  • In & out of bed activity
  • Time spent resting
  • Nighttime wandering
  • Room occupancy status

Increase your residents’ length of stay

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  • Immediate Fall Detection

    Embrace's intelligent sensor will immediately identify if a resident has fallen and alert your staff, uncovering hidden falls and preventing long lies.

  • Collect Important Data

    Embrace collects rich data on residents’ activity which can be used to spot signs of deteriorating physical or mental health.

  • Optimize Staff

    Embrace allows you to reduce the need for routine room visits to optimize staff utilization.

Install embrace and never miss a fall again

  • Apply for a FREE Pilot Program

    We'll learn about your facility and your facility needs. 

  • Outline Details

    We will give you a detailed plan for installation.

  • 24/7 Montoring

    Have the peace of mind to know you will never miss a resident fall again.

Young caregiver with senior woman on white background
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Embrace will detect and alert about important events in every room

Never miss a resident fall again.

It's time you have the most effective fall detection /health monitor available.


Quick response means better outcomes

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